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Our Story

John Crihfield Farms & Greenhouses is a Christian based, family-owned and operated business nestled in rural Roane County, WV.  Founder John Crihfield, began farming in 1952, with his father on their small family farm in Jackson County, WV.  In 1959, John married the love of his life, Delphia. Together they bought their first 180-acre tract of land and began farming. Soon their farm would grow to more than 600 acres with their family growing with it. John and Delphia had six children, three boys and three girls, and have passed down the farming tradition to both their children and grandchildren. 

Though he had been helping all his life, in 1996, John’s youngest son Tim officially began helping his father manage the farming operations. Then in 2004, John’s son Andy returned home to the farm and became part of the farming operation as well. With more help they were able to expand the business and begin growing flowers and vegetable plants.  In late 2018, John went home to be with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Now John and Delphia’s sons, Tim and Andy manage the farms operations and have helped them add various new products for our customers to enjoy. Until 2020, they had been leasing about 130 acres of premium crop land in Meigs County, OH. However, in 2021, they were able to finally purchase their very own 94 acres of land and have begun to build their own store front also in Meigs County, OH. Here they will grow all of their edible vegetable and fruits products.


Today, the business has grown to include ten greenhouses and over six hundred acres of farmland both located at their Roane County, WV farm and 94 acres of crop land at their Meigs County, OH farm. Their products are seeded, germinated, planted and grown at their West Virginia farm, then transplanted into the ground, cared for and eventually harvested at their Ohio farm. Once ready to market, their products will be transported and sold from early April through the end of October at the Capitol Market in Charleston, WV. 

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